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Drive in addition to skilled and experience, good or bad is also important. Able to make their own "peace of mind" to drive, safe journey, first thing to do is "decompression," Do not take a bad mood with the car. Maintain a good mood, focus on driving, do not take God, so that the special circumstances encountered by the brain can respond in time, to deal with. If a bad mood, it is easy distracted, cranky, accident-prone. Related reading: How to make safe driving rain and Maintenance Expected to have a good driving habits are important safety

Bad mood prone to cause accidents

Recently, Guangzhou spate of bus accidents. After investigation, the majority of bus accidents, mainly due to higher bus drivers psychological pressure, driving impetuous. Bus drivers always worried about various things while driving: effects such as excessive fear of burning gas revenues, not passengers earn less afraid, afraid of the passengers complained about complaints; many recent urban road excavation, face traffic jam also upset that these pressure on the drivers a bad mood, it is easy to drive illegally.

Compared to regular buses on the road car driver, ladies and shorter road private car owners, but experts pointed out that Travel Way, anxiety, irritability, anger and other bad attitude often affects Drive Members. These bad feelings are often the source of the accident, but most of the bad mood is due to the pressures and the situation does not cause your heart.

Stressful reasons: overloaded with work, with colleagues from the conflict, family discord, physical illness and disease, etc..

Generated tension causes: can not find parking spaces, traffic congestion, traffic accidents, long hours in poor driving conditions.

Out "think twice" on the road is not noisy

Drive is required to concentrate on things. Owners as long as the attention to always remind myself to stay calm, then it can effectively avoid the danger caused by a bad mood.

Recommend one: to avoid bad mood disturbance

Taxi, if the mood is not good, you need to learn for themselves decompression. If hot temper or frustration while driving, will to a certain extent, affected owners of the driving effect. Especially when the weather is hot, the owner may properly eat green vegetables, drink lemon juice and beverages containing vitamin B to regulate mood.

Recommendation 2: Do not drive on the road dispute

Hot temper some friends, met rob Road, rear-end collision and other accidents, will be furious anger, resulting in the so-called "road anger disorder." In fact, on the road and others argue, not only can not effectively solve the problem, but also allow both sides to enhance good feelings. When dealing with such a calm, but more help to settle things.

Recommend three: the front of the well-prepared

Driving a long way only to find myself to forget some items, this will be talking about the mind, virtually will affect their emotional, mental focus.

In fact, every time the owner before departure, give yourself a minute or two "slow a slow", and think it brought all items, so hurry out to avoid because of anxiety caused.

Decompression Tips Experts pointed out that the road car vacuum, to avoid bad feelings with the way there are many, you feel upset when the driver gas impatient, try the following:

Many times deep breathing; ? With a line of vehicles trying to maintain a certain distance between vehicles;

Windows allow fresh air into the compartment;

More relaxed listening to the radio or listening to music;

Will pull over and take a break;

There mind when you can call ahead to a good friend to talk about and feel happy and then the road;

Car put a happy little family picture, do not look happy time.
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Do You Have "road Anger Disorder" Do A Bad Mood When Driving Or Causing An Accident - Road

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Do You Have "road Anger Disorder" Do A Bad Mood When Driving Or Causing An Accident - Road

This article was published on 2011/01/12