How To Shift Moods In Daily Life?

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Mood is an integrated psychology and physiological state of human's variety of feelings, thoughts and behavior, is the psychological response and physiological reaction that generated by the external stimulation. The common emotions we usually see is our personal subjective experience and feelings, it has the close relationship with mood, temperament, character and environment which can affect our mood.

However, the psychologists tell us that our mood just likes water; it needs to be moulded or engraved. The so-called sculpture, that is to manage and shift moods, maintain it in a quite stable state, avoid the emotional flooding. From the psychological point of view, emotions are the responses that body shows for the possibility or inevitability of the success of behavior; it is also the evaluation and experiences that performance through the physiological response. Usually, our mood includes, joy, anger, worry, anxiety, grief, fear, panic. And different moods reflect different mental states. Some negative moods can affect our life and work. The how to shift our mood becomes a very important problem.

When it comes to the adjustment of moods, actually there is not an absolute standard to follow. Usually, the psychologist would suggest us to achieve a balance on our mood. Therefore, balance is the key word to engrave mood, thus how to achieve this balance becomes a crucial point. Then what does the balance stand for? In fact, it is a kind of cognitive system to face the flexible mood, which is formed by the stimulation and experience in the real life.

Emotion-focused coping is to tell us when the seven types of moods come to us, what we should do. According to this, the psychologist remind us that we should pay more attention to those negative emotions who are hard to dismiss, such as, anger, sadness. These negative emotions would often call our attention to some unhappy thing that happen in early time and this belongs to the subconscious level. While in the cognitive system, our conscious will warn us that once these negative moods can't be resolved, there may the some physical or psychological symptoms occur to us.

Therefore, all above is some analysis on engraving our mood. To shift mood, we should make clear which state our mood is in, so we should grasp the right time to adjust our mood, do not let it get more worse. That is what we can do. Besides, when we have some negative moods, we can also resort to some activities, such as, listening to some soft music, taking exercises and so on. This can help us shift our attention.
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How To Shift Moods In Daily Life?

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This article was published on 2010/12/03