Seven Mental Motions Can Help Get Rid Of Bad Mood

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Our mood is ever changing, when encountered setbacks or unhappy things, we would be depressed and lost without reason. However, if we keep bad mood for a long time, we will be surrounded by the negative emotions which is very harmful for our health.

Everyone has his own temper. So it is very normal that we sometimes be trapped in the bad mood. Then how to get rid of those bad moods? There are seven methods can help us get rid of it.

Put on a smile. When we under psychological stress or angry and in depression, a smile can help us to release the negative emotions and is good for our health.

Clean up the room. Messy room or office would make us disconcerting. Therefore, room in a tidy state can help improve our bad mood. For example, put the objects scattered on the floor in place, clean up the things on the table and fold the quilt neatly.

Wear a blue shirt. Blue is natural relaxant which can make us relax totally. That is the right reason why we see the blue sky, we feel more relax and comfortable. In contrast, orange has irritant, black can easily arouse anger and although red can enhance people's energy, it is easily make people disturbing.

Humming. In London, a therapist in music treatment center said that humming is the easiest way to improve mood. Because, singing can adjust our breathing and our body would move with the rhythm. Whether singing ourselves or with our friends, even listening can help us to relax.

Eating in a clever way. The food we eat can also improve our mood. For example, combine bitter taste with sweet, or combine the hard food with soft. All these can bring a fresh feeling to our taste bud and then improve our mood. There are some dishes of this kind in Chinese food, such as, sweet and sour pork and sweet and sour chicken, etc.

Lemon. A research has proved that, the lemon flavor has the function to remove sorrow, relieve uneasiness of body and mind and relieve pain. The reason found that lemon flavor indeed can improve mood, smell lemon can increase the concentration of energetic hormone noradrenalin in blood.

Close contact with pets. A number of studies have shown that touch cats and dogs and other animals can help lower blood pressure and smooth heart rate, thus reduce the risk of heart disease and other diseases. And some experts have pointed that close contact between human and animals has amazing calming effect, and is good for relieving stress.
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Seven Mental Motions Can Help Get Rid Of Bad Mood

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This article was published on 2010/10/12