Tips On How To Get Out Of A Bad Mood

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People have emotions and sometimes crash into the low depression, it is normal. But you still don't want such emotion happened frequently. Here we teach you seven simple and convenient ways to ease the bad mood. Try the following seven kinds of psychotherapeutics when you encounter bad emotion, I promise that the bad mood quietly slip away.

Give a smile
Give a smile to the people you meet and the whole world even you are in depression, remember that you smile to the world, the world will smile to you. According to the scientific research, put a smile on face helps to release negative emotions and is beneficial to health when you are in depression, meet psychological stress and angry.

Cleaning the rooms
Messy room or office will be disconcerting. Therefore, cleaning the rooms will ease the negative emotions. For example, put away the objects scattered on the floor, clean up the things on the table and make quilt neatly.

Wearing a blue shirt
Blue is the color which gives you a relax emotion naturally, that's why so many people like to look at the blue sky to relax mood. In contrast, the thrill power of orange is stronger, black easily arouse anger and red easily make you upset even though the can enhance people's energy.

Humming songs
Therapist, from a music treatment center in London, said that singing is the easiest way to improve the mood due to singing can adjust breathing, which makes the whole body move with the with the rhythm of songs. Whether singing by youself or singing with friends, even if listening to music quietly, it helps to relax.

The secret of eating
For example, the combination of bitter and sweet, you can add a little orange juice into the coffee, or combination of soft and hard food, you can eat popcorn and nuts at the same time, are able to bring freshness to the taste buds, thereby improving mood.

Smell the lemon
The latest study confirmed by Ohio State University showed that the lemon has the function of removing mourn, stabilizing the nerve and relieving pain. Study found that lemon can really enhance a good mood. Smelling the lemon can increase the concentration of noradrenalin in the blood.

Contact closely with pets
A number of studies show that touching pets like cats, dogs and other animals help lower blood pressure and stabilize heart rate, thus reducing risk of heart disease and other diseases. An expert ponints that contact closely with pets has amazing role to ease the stress.
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Tips On How To Get Out Of A Bad Mood

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This article was published on 2010/10/21